O1Library Credits

O1Library’s student-facing interface was designed by Juha Sorva; Aleksi Lukkarinen and Juha Sorva did the underlying implementation. Several of the key components in o1.gui and o1.world are built upon Aleksi’s Scala Media Computation Library. Some parts of O1Library draw inspiration from the “teachpacks” of the Racket programming language.

We are grateful to Riku Autio, Joonatan Honkamaa, Juhani Numminen, Leo Varis, Veera Kahva, Oskari Lahti, and anonymous students for bug reports and fixes. We thank Otto Seppälä for helpful discussions.

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This document is part of the ebook for O1 (aka CS-A1110 Programming 1), a course at Aalto University.
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